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This “press release” is one of the exercises students at the Master Key Experience are asked to write during Week 5 – and read over once a week as a reminder to our subconscious mind what it’s like when we have reached our goals and manifested our Definite Major Purpose.

My imagined interview takes place in September 2024, by actor and producer Reese Witherspoon for her book club ‘Hello Sunshine’.


Interview by Reese Witherspoon
September 2024

The inspiring novel “New Dawn” was first published in Norwegian author Bibi Lindahl’s native language in the spring of 2023. Less than a year later, the English translation landed on my desk and I immediately knew that I wanted to play the part of the leading role! My movie production company is always looking for books with strong female-driven stories, and there was no doubt in my mind that this novel was a perfect fit for us! The protagonist’s story begins a year before the big transformation, and what a transformation it is! I won’t say more, just read the novel – while we get ready for the movie’s premiere in 2026.

I have travelled to Norway to meet Bibi at her permaculture farm in Østfold county. She has showed me around her farm where she has created a safe and tranquil haven for animals to give them a second chance, with a life in peace and happiness that they always deserved.

Right now, Bibi and I are sitting in the shade under a rustic gazebo overgrown with grapes. The warm autumn air is filled with a delightful scent from the ripe grapes, and the view of the lush and colourful surroundings is absolutely gorgeous!

On the table between us, Bibi has placed a platter of snacks made from her home grown vegetables and fruits. She pours water into our glasses, and the ice cubes make a soft clinking sound as they bob up and down in my glass.

I take a sip before I pick up the recorder. I know most of the story from before, but I want to make sure I get it all for my book club’s interview.

-So Bibi, let’s start at the beginning – when did you first start writing?

-I have always loved writing and had a couple of short stories published in my younger days. In my 40s and early 50s I wrote a number of articles that were published in magazines, while dabbling with novels on the side.

-Really? Were any of those novels published?

-No, I didn’t think they were good enough, so I didn’t submit any of them. It wasn’t until I went to this amazing self-discovery course called the Master Key Experience that I realised that writing was my true purpose and a gift, and that it was my obligation to share this gift with others.

-Obligation? How so?

-All humans have a gift, something they are really good at, and I believe the meaning of life is to find that gift and that your purpose is to give it away. Nobody can do what you do exactly the same way you can do it. You enrich the life of others when you share your gift.

-That’s a nice way of seeing it, Bibi, and you have certainly shared your gift with many readers already. Your first books were for young children, how did you end up writing a novel for a grownup audience?

-I had actually started working on my novel when I suddenly got an idea for a children’s book and decided to put my novel aside so I could focus on this shorter book for kids, and one book led to the other. The beauty of writing those books for kids is that I could combine two of my passions – writing and painting.

-Ah, that’s right – you illustrated all those children’s books yourself, didn’t you?

-I sure did, and it was such fun!

-Bibi, what is it about being an author that you love the most?

-Everything! I love the whole process of writing, and knowing my books inspire and help other people is a strong motivation for me. Besides, working independently as an author is deeply gratifying. My autonomy is vital to me, a pivotal need if you like, and as a writer I get to spend my time as I please, in solitude and silence. I do invite friends and family over every once in a while – I love the company of other people. In order to be a good host and friend, as well as a productive writer, I have found the perfect balance between socialising and solitude.

– Sounds wonderful! Is there a contradiction between your own need for autonomy and having to tend to the needs of all your animals?

-On the contrary. When I bought this farm in 2022 , I had already made a deliberate decision to have animals because they add so much joy and value to my life. I am a better author because of the wonderful life I have created for myself and my animals, a life that inspires me to write.

-Tell us more, where do you find the inspiration to write?

-I can find inspiration anywhere as long as I’m aware in the moment, whether I’m harvesting fruit in my orchard or while repairing a fence. I also get inspired when I spend time and connect with my animals – it’s as if they already have a story for me, just waiting to come out. My own life story has also been an inspiration – all the obstacles and challenges I had eventually lead me to find solutions, which I have shared in my books.

-Interesting! I’ve also heard that you have an affirmation about writing. Would you mind sharing it with us?

-I don’t mind at all!

“I always write with the same ease; the words come to me in a steady flow, page after page! Writing is like blowing soap bubbles, filling me with joy and excitement, and the result is magically beautiful!”

-I’ve used this affirmation for years and you know how the subconscious works – when it accepts the idea as true, it becomes a demand and your mind works constantly, 24/7, to manifest demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources. That’s why affirmations work – your mind is wired to find a way to make it happen.

-That’s true and I know that your affirmation certainly has worked for you, Bibi! Now, please tell our readers why you picked “New Dawn” as the title of your novel.

Bibi’s eyes lit up when she replies.
-I have always found the sunrise to be quite magical. When the sun rises, everything that was hidden in darkness slowly gets visible in the light. Nature and buildings reflect the rays from the sun. It’s like a slow dance at first, but once the face of the sun pops up over the horizon – everything is illuminated and brought back to life. It’s as if they say, “Look at us, we’re here!” Same goes for people. I believe that we all are hidden gems, but more often than not our true and magnificent selves are hidden in darkness.

-I love that, Bibi, it’s such a good metaphor! And I think you are right, there is a gem in every person.

-Thank you. Yes, that’s what I’ve always believed too. But I didn’t know for sure if it was true for me … until I joined the Master Key Experience, which helped me find the gold within myself.

-So, Bibi, mind if I ask you ….
I hesitate, but Bibi comes to my rescue:

-You can ask me anything you like, Reese!

Her warm smile makes me brave, so I continue:
-What I’d like to know, and share with my book club readers, how much of your novel is actually true? Is this how it really happened?

-Yep. All of it. I have used different names for the sake of the real persons’ privacy, but otherwise, that’s how it all went down, Bibi explains.

-Even the first chapter?

-Even that.

Bibi turns her head and make the sound of a soft whistle. Seconds later, two dogs come running across the lawn and eagerly greet us both.

I lean down and pet one of the dogs while Bibi tells me their stories, how she adopted them and gave them a new chance. I ask her why animal welfare is so important to her.

– I wanted to give something back, like a homage to the animals that gave me comfort throughout my life with their unconditional love. Every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect. An animal is but a bundle of love. I do everything I can to educate farmers and pet owners alike, through one of my foundations.

-You have several foundations?

-Certainly. I share my wealth. It’s not mine to keep.

-How do you mean?

-Look around you, Bibi continues. – I live in paradise on earth, this farm is a dream come true for me. I have a cozy cottage with a window overlooking the field where the donkeys are. I sit by that window when I write, this is where all my books are brought to life. My family is all set. We have everything we need, yet money keeps pouring in… so I pour it out again, so to speak, it’s like a stream that goes back and forth. I’m just a middle-man in these transactions.

Bibi seems to have all the time in the world, but somehow I feel that our time is up – for today, anyway. Bibi, it has been a pleasure talking to you. Before I let you go, there is one thing that I, as well as the readers of my book club are eager to know: Will there be a another novel after your current bestseller ‘New Dawn’?




-And that’s all you want to reveal?

– OK, I’ll tell you this much: It’s going to be another blockbuster, I promise.

The dogs that have been resting in the shade under a tree get up and follow Bibi on the path that leads up to her writing cottage. All of a sudden she turns around, throws her arms up in the air to form a big Y, while shouting:

– And I always keep my promises!

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  1. Bibi, this is such a great Press Release. I can see that you really are a writer, and I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I see your passion for animals, I too love animals and hope to one day provide a place where they can be safe, run free and wild, eat and just live their lives with someone who genuinely loves them! Thank you.

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