MKE W5 – No Opinion!

How come we humans tend to believe that our opinions are so important? Not only do we believe our opinions are important, we might even believe that we KNOW something – even if our opinion is really just a belief based on nothing other than more beliefs! It’s Week 5 of the Master Key Experience … Continue reading “MKE W5 – No Opinion!”

MKE W4: Short Break

Due to too much typing lately, I am on a blogging break to save my hands for DMP revisions and other guide assignments. Have a good week, everyone! Keep up the good work ♥ Love from Bibi Check out these fine blogs from some new MKE students:Kevin: https://stayban.wordpress.comDan:

MKE W2 – I Have Faith!

I’m really glad that I blogged every single week when I first did the Master Key Experience. It’s been very interesting looking at my blog posts from that year, seeing where I was at in my life and how much I struggled in the beginning…. But I paddled through and it was ALL worth it!! … Continue reading “MKE W2 – I Have Faith!”

W1 B – Looking back on my own first week

I can still remember what it was like to be a first-time student at the Master Key Experience. When reading the blog post I had written during my very first week, it’s also a reminder of how much I have learned and grown since then. Personal growth is a life-long process. I still have some … Continue reading “W1 B – Looking back on my own first week”

W1 A – Reblogging: Resistance

Hey, Master Key Experience friends! Check out this fantastic blog post by one of our new members. Stacy had some resistance before joining the course but asked herself, “If not, when?” – such a timely question! She writes: “This is the beginning of a journey. My journey. It started with a LOT of resistance. A … Continue reading “W1 A – Reblogging: Resistance”

You ARE The Greatest!

For anyone who needs to hear this message: YOU can be the greatest – you ARE the greatest! ♥ Watch the video below. If you do NOT want to find out why you are the greatest, do NOT click this link: _♥_♥_♥_ Stay tuned for more unusual posts. Follow me on Twitter: @bibilindahl I wish … Continue reading “You ARE The Greatest!”

My Secret to Success

My secret to personal success is really no secret at all.  Ask anyone who has achieved their goals, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Best of all? – Anyone can do it. It’s really this simple: If you can’t be bothered reading this rather lengthy and personal post, just click to see the online … Continue reading “My Secret to Success”

Who ARE You???

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” Sound advice from Shakespear. Be true to yourself. The tricky part is to figure out who you really are…. WHO are you? Who ARE you? Who are YOU? If you cannot answer these questions easily, you’re definitely not alone and there is nothing wrong with you! … Continue reading “Who ARE You???”

Mind Weeding 101

Learning about great authors that aren’t exactly mainstream was one of the bonuses at the self-discovery course I joined last fall. The paragraphs below are from a book by James Allen, published in 1903. The title ‘As a Man Thinketh’ is influenced by a verse in the Book of Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in … Continue reading “Mind Weeding 101”


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