Success 101 in Movies

One of our exercises at the Master Key Experience this week (14) was to watch one of the following movies (which are all based on true stories): ‘Mully’, ‘October Sky’, ‘Cool Runnings’, ‘The Good Lie’, ‘Wild’, ‘Door to Door’, ‘Rudy’, while identifying the four habits of success which I wrote about in this blog post. … Continue reading “Success 101 in Movies”

Grateful for Gratefulness!

What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today? How’s that for a kick-in-the-butt reminder!? A couple of years ago I bought a journal where I was supposed to write down three things I was grateful for every single day. The problem was that I really could not think of … Continue reading “Grateful for Gratefulness!”

I Always Keep My Promises!

I have decided not to spend much time blogging this week. I have a self-imposed deadline to meet, and when I make a deadline for myself that’s a promise. I have promised to finish the text for my children’s book by the 24th of December. I have plans all day for the 23rd … meaning … Continue reading “I Always Keep My Promises!”

The 4 Habits of Success

We don’t have to invent the wheel. For centuries, great minds have done the research for us and they have proved what works. Several books have been written on the topic, the most popluar being ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. The FOUR HABITS he discovered are essential for success in all walks of … Continue reading “The 4 Habits of Success”

Today is My Birthday!

WEEK 10 MKE (Reposted from 4. December 2019) On the 4th of December 1966, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby. This child was such a precious golden nugget! Life was good.For a while. Life threw me a few curve balls and the golden child slowly faded away, until you could barely see her … Continue reading “Today is My Birthday!”

The Silence of the Lamps (W9)

Repost from 26 November 2019 That’s not a typo. As much as I love Jodi Foster’s character in the movie ‘the silence of the lambs’, I want to talk about lamps. Not just any lamp, but the lamp within. We all have one. Like a magical Aladdin’s Lamp, only better! We have found that the … Continue reading “The Silence of the Lamps (W9)”

I Hope You Dance! (W8)

Repost from 12. November 2019. Here’s what I wrote during my first year in the Master Key Experience, Week 8: I keep saying that “this is the best week” of the Master Key Experience. Well, what can I do after Sunday’s webinar but repeat myself? And then… reading Lesson 8 of the Master Key System. … Continue reading “I Hope You Dance! (W8)”

Love & Forgive (W7)

Repost from 13 November 2019 Here’s what I wrote during my first year with the Master Key Experience, Week 7: Mental Diet Can I go 7 days without a negative thought lingering in my mind for more than 7 seconds before I substitute it for an uplifting, excited or any other positive thought? Of course … Continue reading “Love & Forgive (W7)”

W6 – I’m in Shape!

Here’s what I wrote for week 6 in my first year through the Master Key Experience: Jokingly, I have always said, “I’m in shape. Round is a shape!” But that’s not the kind of shape I’m talking about. I am surrounded by shapes of blue rectangles, red circles, green triangles, and yellow squares – all … Continue reading “W6 – I’m in Shape!”


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