Bibi Who? Let’s see …

My name is Bibi Lindahl and I was born in Norway in 1966. Except for two quite interesting years in Iceland, I have lived in Norway all my life.

Alright. Let’s get the basic credentials out of the way:
I’m a published writer of numerous articles in major craft magazines in the UK and USA, two short stories (Norwegian magazines), currently working on my 3rd novel – one that I aim to get trad. published before May 2022. I’m also working on a children’s book which I plan to self-publish next summer, using my own illustrations.
I studied Nordic Languages and Literature at Høyskolen i Telemark (Telemark College, 2006).
I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and a
Certified Guide with the Master Key Experience.

My WIP novel is a story about my own hero’s journey (using Joseph Campbell’s formula) and how I went from feeling like a major failure to living the life of my (wildest) dreams. My novel will reveal how I healed myself, physically as well as mentally.

MY WIP children’s book, which I also illustrate myself, is showing young kids that they are unique and valuable. I use a cute baby animal as the main character.

I’ve been a crafter all my life and used to own a well known rubber stamp business. I still enjoy stamping and card making. Other interests include watercolour painting, going for walks with my dog, yoga, and meditation. I’m an avid reader of uplifting and/or spiritual literature and novels with a positive message.

I live on the island Kråkerøy (Crow Island) in the south-east of Norway. I have a charming Standard Poodle named Tomine (pronounced Toh-mee-neh). She is 12 years old and I adopted her four years ago. I grew up with dogs and this is my 4th adoptee.

My passion is the welfare of rescue animals – dogs & donkeys in particular and I am in the planning stages of starting a eco-friendly farm with room for a few donkeys, goats, cats, and dogs that deserve a new chance of a life with peace and joy, supported by unconditional love and skilled care.

I believe in the Law of Attraction. It’s no Secret that it works 😉

In January 2019 I threw away my crutches for good. Before then, I could hardly walk more than 15 or so meters on a good day. Now I can walk a whole kilometer before I need a quick stop, and it keeps getting better! In addition to that, in March I quit taking my daily 2 x dosage of painkillers (Neurontin) for the first time since 2005. And I no longer suffer from anxiety. NONE.

I credit this amazing physical and mental healing process to my positive mental attitude, using daily, repetitive affirmations and visualization of the results I wanted. “What you focus on grows” is one of the Universal Laws that has proven to be true.

If I could achieve all that in a matter of months, just imagine what I can do in the next couple of years! So stay tuned, subscribe to my blog and see where this gal is going! 😀

8 thoughts on “Bibi Who? Let’s see …”

  1. Bibi, I am not even sure how I happened on to your new site and this beautiful decertation about Bibi Who? Your writing is tremendous and as much as I have come to love you over the last few months, reading about Bibi Who? has solidified and validated our connection! I am so grateful to know you and travel this journey with you!!! You are going to be a fantastic guide!!!
    Peace be the Journey!!! Louise

    1. Hi Louise! Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments! So glad you ended up on my new site 🙂
      I am also very grateful that we have met and travel this journey together. You are amazing, kind and so sweet. Love you so much!! It means a LOT to me that you think I’ll be a fantastic guide. Thank you!! Peace be the Journey, my friend. Keep up the good work and keep shining! ♥

  2. Fantastic Bibi, great stuff. I love to see where you are going, and we as a group will be way ahead of the pack. Take charge, we are taking off……………………………….

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