The Secret Power of Nothing

I have been super-duper-busy with work and studies this past week. Heck, I’m almost always busy – I LOVE being busy with things that propel me forward!

However, in my eagerness to get a motherload done I “kinda forgot” one CRUCIAL thing.

Which is to do nothing. Wait? What??

Yeah. Doing nothing as in RELAXING.

And I don’t mean watching TV or reading. The mind is not turned off completely when you think you relax with a book, no matter how good it is. Hey, I’m an author – I want everybody and their uncle to read, but

You need to turn everything off.

Meditation, that’s what I’m talking about.

Breathe in…. breath out …. Let the thoughts come and go without paying attention to them. Just sit and breathe … deeply…

My personal fave is:
Inhale for 4 seconds
Natural stop, 4 seconds
Breathe out, 4 seconds
Natural stop, 4 seconds

repeat ….

30 minutes of meditation in the morning is my absolute minimum.
1 hour in the morning + 30 minutes midday + 30 minutes or more before I go to bed – now we’re talking!

But you know what? If you can’t manage to do NOTHING for any more than 15 minutes a day, that’s a good start!

A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence .

We all have to start somewhere. And keep it up … that’s the thing. I didn’t keep it up every day this week. When my mind works overtime with no room to relax and digest, the result is 100 % as expected: feeling overwhelmed.

And I do not like that feeling, that’s for sure!

So I’m taking charge of my life again by going back to my daily meditations, starting right NOW!

How ‘bout you? How often do you meditate?

If you haven’t done any meditation before, a good place to start is doing the exercises (aka meditations) by Charles Haanel which you’ll find in his The Master Key System – you may download this free PDF:

If you are into “The Secret” and Law of Attraction, you will LOVE the Master Key System! If you want to dig even deeper into that sort of things, I highly recommend joining The Master Key Experience where I’m working as a certified guide. Check it out here:

Meet some of our students:


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Wishing you all a wonder-fun day!

Love from Bibi

How To Beat the Crap out of Fear

What we Focus on Grows.

The choice is yours. What do you choose to focus on?

Courage Beats the Crap out of Fear

We all know that if you fear an activity, whethyer it’s flying or speaking in public, it takes courage to do it anyway – in spite of fear.

What many people do, myself included, is to focus on the very thing they fear. But if you think about this for a second – how on earth could concentrating on fear create any courage? What’s even worse is when you end up focusing on the fear itself. What we focus on grows, remember?

What would Benjamin do?

Back in January 2019, I tried the so-called ‘Franklin Makeover’ for the first time. In short, you choose a virtue you want more of and focus on it for a whole week. You observe the virtue in others as well as in yourself, and make a note of it every time you see a sign of it. What happens next is almost like magic…

I had chosen ‘courage’ as my virtue…. A couple of days into my ‘courage week’, I started to wonder if it was my former anxious self who had chosen ‘courage’…. I used to need a lot of courage just to get through a normal day.

I realized that I couldn’t even remember the last time I had any signs of anxiety. It had been several months since I needed courage just to leave the house!

And that’s great! Overcoming anxiety is HUGE!!

Now that my new norm was to be living freely without anxiety, I was able to see that life had so much more to offer than just leaving the house without getting a panic attack…

So, if I no longer was afraid of doing “normal”, everyday things – what did I need courage for?

Take Your Pick!

I needed courage to believe in myself and the choices I made.
Heck, I needed courage to make any important decisions of my own…

Once I had, I needed courage to let people know.
I needed courage to stand up for myself.

Maybe you need courage to go after a new job, move to a new place, or to finally write that bestseller book you’ve been talking about!

What do YOU need courage to do? I dare you to be courageous and share in the comments below! 🙂

An Unusual Technique that Works

In order to find many examples of ‘courage’ to focus on for a week, I used a technique that was first described in ‘The Master Key System’, published by Charles Haanel in 1912. The point of his technique (often referred to as the Battleship Exercise) is to visualize something material and trace it back to its origin to find the cause – and we find that it always started with an idea, as a thought.

Since my goal was to observe as much courage as possible during that week, I would look at any item around me – it being a coffee cup, a throw pillow, or a car on the street. I used an “inverse version” of Hansel’s technique, and traced that item through all the steps necessary from idea to finished product, thinking about the courage it took the inventor or designer to see their idea through. That takes courage!

Hot Tip: This inverted ‘Battleship Exercise’ works for almost any virtue. Just imagine what it takes of virtues such as creativity, persistence, decisiveness, cooperation, being well organized, just to name a few, to go from idea to finished product!

The more I focused on courage, the more courage I found myself having. One week of focusing on courage also had ripple effects into the weeks ahead. What we focus on does grow.

I give myself permission to be courageous! ‘Cos, you see, deep down…

This week, I want to link to two courageous bloggers:


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Who Wants a FREE Hug?

Happy New Year! Yup, this is my first blog post in 2021. I came down with a nasty cold between Xmas and new years and barely had the energy to keep up with work and other obligations. But I’m back and I’m on the mend!

One year ago, one of my dear friends and I decided to take the Kindness Week Challenge one step further. Before I show you what we did, let me explain what the challenge is all about:

The Guinness Book of Records

OK, so this particular record might not be recorded there…. However, I think our record is more important than any normal world record.

Our record isn’t what I’d consider “nomal”. If it was, everyone would be doing it already – right? And if everyone was, we wouldn’t have to….

You see, with our record we are making the world a better place. One person at a time, plus the ripple effects.

What we’re doing this week in the Master Key members’ area is leaving comments every single time we observe or do an act of kindness. We have challenged one another to leave more comments than the previous year’s members did, thereby setting a new record.


Because what we focus on grows.

Breaking the record, “beating” last year’s members in the amount of kindnesses reported is of course not the goal….

…. Making our world a better place is, and when we do that – we are ALL winners! 🙂

In previous years (when hugging strangers was fine) the staff and guides of the Master Key have celebrated at the end of the week by giving out free hugs to strangers on the street. (Here’s a video from the free hugs in 2018).

Last Year …

In January 2019, my friend Nina and I were confident that the members would break the record, so we decided to “act as if it has already happened” by giving out free hugs on the street and celebrate in advance.

We made signs that said, “Free Hugs!” and “Do you want a HUG?” (the latter in our native language, Norwegian), hung them around our necks and started walking around down-town here in Fredrikstad… Yes, I was WALKING!! Just a couple of weeks before this event, I was finally able to walk without using crutches for the first time in over three years. But I digress, back to the story:

We Norwegians are not exactly famous for being chatty with strangers… but to Nina’s and my pleasant surprise, our fellow Norwegians actually thought this “free hugs” thing was a good idea, and we lost count of how many people we hugged that day!

We hugged people of all ages

– even those “too cool for school” teens who might think that everything we “dinosaurs” do is silly and embarrasing…. (Hey, I get it, I used to be that kind of teen myself!). Some of these teens pointed at us and snickered when they saw our signs, but every teen that we met did hug us and many of them said they thought it was a great idea! We encouraged them to try it out at their school. I hope they did.

Out of all the people we offered a free hug that day, only 3 or 4 said no. Saying ‘no’ to hug strangers is perfectly fine, of course, and we just smiled and wished them a nice day. Nearly 100 % liked our kindness campaign, most people loved it!

I wonder how many lives we touched that day. For some, this might be have been the only hug they got all year … Others were perhaps inspired to spread some kindness on their own. What I know for sure is that we did make many people very happy that day. Ourselves included.

This was such a fun and lovely experience, we have saved the signs so we can do it again!

Some of the huggers embraced us.

If you don’t feel like hugging strangers on the street, remember that a kind word is like a verbal hug.

In Book II of “Rhetoric”, Aristotle defines kindness as “helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped”.
The movie ‘Pay it Forward’ illustrates the power one person can have to make an impact on a chain reaction of kind deeds. The philosophy of ‘Pay It Forward’ is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society.
“Kindness Boomerang” is a video by ‘Life Vest Inside’ . It shows how one act of kindness passes seamlessly from one person to the next and boomerangs back to the person who set it into motion. Within months after its release, Kindness Boomerang went viral. The video has been viewed over 34 million times! Here it is:

Here are more kind folks who pay extra attention to kindness this week:


Stay tuned for more unusual posts.

Wishing you an abundance of kindness wherever you go!

Love from Bibi (MKE Guide)