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One of our exercises at the Master Key Experience this week (14) was to watch one of the following movies (which are all based on true stories): ‘Mully’, ‘October Sky’, ‘Cool Runnings’, ‘The Good Lie’, ‘Wild’, ‘Door to Door’, ‘Rudy’, while identifying the four habits of success which I wrote about in this blog post.

DMP: Definite Major Purpose (backed by a burning desire)
PMA: Positive Mental Attitude
POA: Plan of Action
MMA: Master Mind Alliance

I watched all the movies and I have chosen to write about the first one I saw, ‘Rudy’ – a movie about the life of Daniel Ruettiger, who dreamt of playing American football at the University of Notre Dame.

First of all I want to recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it! I was very moved by the story and how Rudy never gave up on his dream, in spite of several obstacles along the way. Very inspirational! It’s available on Netflix, Prime, and even for rent on YouTube.

Spoiler alert! Watch the movie before you read the rest.

Rudy’s definite major purpose (DMP) was clearly to play football, and not just anywhere but at the Notre Dame University. His DMP was backed by a burning desire, even if he didn’t really have the physique (he was quite small for a football player), nor did he have the grades required to get into Notre Dame, nor the money for tuition, nor the support from his family and friends, except his buddy Pete (his first master mind alliance) – who was killed in an accident at their workplace.

It is obvious throughout the movie that Rudy indeed had a Positive Mental Attitude. He did not give up no matter what life threw at him, and he did not listen to those who told him that his dream was not only impossible but even ridiculous! He is not discouraged when he gets rejected by Notre Dame at first, but continues to study to improve his grades.

For Rudy to achieve his DMP, his POA (Plan of Action) is to play football from an early age throughout high school. In order to get into Notre Dame, he needs to save up money (POA) and to improve his grades (POA) he gets enrolled at Holy Cross College with the help from a priest (Rudy’s 2nd master mind alliance). At Holy Cross he befriends teacher assistant D-Bob – Rudy’s 3rd master mind alliance. Rudy is broke and homeless, he approaches the head ground keeper at the Notre Dame stadium who eventually offers him a job (POA) there and also a place to live. The ground keeper turns out to be a former football player and is Rudy’s 4th master mind alliance.

Rudy continues to work on his grades (POA) despite of three letters of rejection from Notre Dame. When he finally gets in, he gets on the team as a practise roster (POA) and never misses a single practise in two years (POA). He keeps giving what is best for the team (POA + Law of Giving), and it finally pays off when he gets to dress for the last game that season. The team is his major master mind alliance – they all want Rudy to dress, and they all want him to play. Had it not been for the master mind alliance of his team, the coach would not have allowed Rudy to play at all, but eventually he does and after the game Rudy is carried out in victory by his team members.

I found it very interesting to watch all these movies with the DMP, PMA, POA, and MMA in mind, and I will continue to do so when I watch other movies.

These four habits of success are methods we are learning and applying at the Master Key Experience, so that we, too, can fulfil our dreams – our Definite Major Purpose – no matter how impossible or ridiculous they might seem to other people.

I certainly have a DMP (definite major purpose) backed by a burning desire, I have a Plan Of Action, a predominant PMA (positive mental attitude), and I have a supportive MMA (master mind alliance) who helps me to stay on track.

Here are some other fine folks who have applied these 4 habits of success:


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Wishing you all a wonder-fun day!
Love from Bibi (MKE Guide)

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  1. Although “Door-To-Door” is my personal favorite, I, too, have felt the awesome ripple! The only difference is Ripple is the name of a cheap wine, which was all I could afford as a university undergrad approximately 50 years ago. LOL 🙂

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