I Always Keep My Promises!

I have decided not to spend much time blogging this week. I have a self-imposed deadline to meet, and when I make a deadline for myself that’s a promise.

I have promised to finish the text for my children’s book by the 24th of December. I have plans all day for the 23rd … meaning I need to get the text done no later than the 22nd.

So with no further delay, I better get back to work!

Here are some other fine folks who keep their promises:

Eileen: https://plunkette.wordpress.com/blog
Vi: https://masterkey803017729.wordpress.com/blog
Breege: https://happytohelpyougrow.com
Laura: https://livingtoyourownbeat.com/blog
Dan: https://thedanwardexperience.com/blog
Angelica: https://angelicabudarick.wordpress.com
Karin: https://karinmyjourney.wordpress.com/blog
Stacy: https://stayban.wordpress.com
Melina: https://minaskreativa.blogspot.com/p/my-master-key-experience.html

Stay tuned for more unusual posts.

Wishing you all a wonder-fun day 🙂

Love from Bibi (MKE Guide)

13 thoughts on “I Always Keep My Promises!”

  1. I doubt if I’ll get a chance to collaborate, Melinda, however, I’m fairly certain there will be an opportunity to elaborate…and, if so, I’m going to jump and perch on it! 🙂

  2. Guess what, Bibi, a little bird chirped a few words as it flew by. “When under the gun, Bibi, you’re the one! 🙂

  3. Å, vad spännande! Ska bli kul att läsa din bok i framtiden 🙂 Lycka till min vän. Skulle vara otroligt roligt med ett samarbete i framtiden 😉

    1. Takk, snille Melina ❤️ Nå gjenstår det bare 3-400 ord, så er jeg ferdig med teksten. Gjenstår bare å illustrere alle sidene, men jeg har masser av tid til det i 2021 🙂 Ja, samarbeider gjerne med deg i framtiden, det har vi jo gjort så bra før også! 😀

      1. Pictures always take longer than words, Bibi. Heck! Each one is worth, at least, a 1000 words! Right? :-0

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