The 4 Habits of Success

We don’t have to invent the wheel. For centuries, great minds have done the research for us and they have proved what works. Several books have been written on the topic, the most popluar being ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. The FOUR HABITS he discovered are essential for success in all walks of life, not just financial riches. ALL walks of life.

These 4 habits convert dreams into physical realities.

The Four Habits of Success

  1. A definite major purpose, backed by a earnest and burning desire.
  2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.
  3. A predominant positive attitude.
  4. A friendly alliance (aka Mastermind), people who encourage you to follow through with plan and purpose.

Short version:

1. DMP (Definite Major Purpose)
2. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
3. POA (Plan of Action)
4. MMA (Master Mind Alliance)

Most people don’t have a clue what their purpose is. The Master Key Experience helps people figure it out. Not only that, but we’re given easy to do mental exercises to make sure we learn how to apply all the 4 habits and live the life of our dreams. Knowledge does not apply itself. You gotta do the work, the mental labour. But it’s worth it.

Oh, boy, is it worth it!!

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