MKE W5 – No Opinion!

How come we humans tend to believe that our opinions are so important? Not only do we believe our opinions are important, we might even believe that we KNOW something – even if our opinion is really just a belief based on nothing other than more beliefs!

It’s Week 5 of the Master Key Experience and one of the exercises presented to our new members is to not have an opinion. On anything, unless you are an expert on the matter AND you are asked for your opinion. Otherwise, NO OPINION.


Give it a try and see how many seconds YOU can go without having an opinion… Don’t worry – practise makes perfect.

A Matter Of Perspective

I’d like to share a situation from my own 1st year through the Master Key Experience. Some friends and I were having a meal together when one of them asked us about our opinion on something that had been on the news, which I had not seen because I do not watch the news (most people get very opinionated when I say that, by the way). I said I knew nothing about it, why it happened, and what the consequences might or might not be. “Oh, but surely you must have an opinion!”, my friend said (his voice was raised by now). I stood my ground and told him that I wouldn’t have an opinion about something I knew zero about.

To my surprise, my friend got very upset with me, so I asked him why my opinion mattered so much. “Because you must take a stand!”, he exclaimed. When I asked him the importance of me taking a stand, he said it was in order for me to know how to vote next time… So I asked, “How come all those people who do watch the news and form an opinion and take a stand vote so differently? How come they don’t all vote the same as you?”

The look on my friend’s face sealed the end of that discussion.

Check out this video: Everything is a Remix, which explains how all our opinions are made.

Have a good, non-opinionated life everyone!

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I wish you a wonder-fun day 🙂

Love from Bibi (MKE Guide)

11 thoughts on “MKE W5 – No Opinion!”

  1. This is a very thought-provoking blog post, Bibi! It got me wondering what kind of conversations would people be having, if no one except the “experts” had an opinion about anything… Or would they be having any conversations at all? LOL that might cause me to go a little further and ask “would that be a good or a bad thing?” Until I realize it’s all good… Or is it? LOL The “Everything Is a Remix” video by Kirby Ferguson has me a bit perplexed. Regarding “conspiracy theory” he states that “many of us are plummeting into crowd sourced nightmares about Bill Gates, 5G, or the deep state (with a photo of Hillary Clinton used to represent the “deep state”). Really?! Regarding the news, I believe I share your views, and the little I do consume – other than sports (the so-called pandemic ended that, too) – is mostly by accident. Nevertheless, it’s my understanding of the underlying truth .that turns these accidental exposures into propaganda-filled cartoons. Your sense of humor really is boundless, Bibi! Although I liked the stuff about patterns, I’m about ready to bow my head in reverence to King Kirby, head honcho of the trollian web. LOL 🙂

  2. Bibi, I love the questions you asked your friend! Thinking questions! This is one of my favorite weeks. I am in overdrive using the Law of Substitution for the mental opinions since I have been able to master (pretty much) NOT expressing my opinion verbally. The residule changes are so subtle. Love it!!!

    1. Thank you, Louise! This is one of my fave weeks, too 🙂 Good job using the Law of Substitution for the mental opinions. Those seem to be a little tougher to quit, but we ARE doing it!! 😀

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