MKE W2 – I Have Faith!

I’m really glad that I blogged every single week when I first did the Master Key Experience. It’s been very interesting looking at my blog posts from that year, seeing where I was at in my life and how much I struggled in the beginning…. But I paddled through and it was ALL worth it!!

Here’s what I wrote during Week 2 back then, with the headline “I Have Faith!”

I am starting to get a better picture of what it’s all about…. and I have faith that the MKE process works, if I do the work. And I will. I AM!

This week I’m really focused on finding my purpose and desires and I will tweak my written DMP accordingly (Definite Major Purpose). I want to make sure my habits are supportive of those desires – my desires. Not anyone else’s – and not what I’ve previously thought that I “ought to” desire.

My two PPN’s are ‘True Health’ and ‘Recognition for Creative Expression’. The latter need has always been there, on many occasions also fulfilled, whereas True Health isn’t something I have prioritised over the years… and the result is obvious. Suffice it to say that my health NEEDS to be a priority, or I’ll never reach any of my goals…

My mental/emotional health has been in crumbles after I “hit the wall” with a bang one year ago. I am confident that the MKE will not only speed up the mental and emotional healing process, but also be much better (understatement of the year) than anything else I have ever tried in order to overcome the issues that have been a part of my life and held me back for as long as I can remember – such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and what have you …

If my physical and mental health weren’t in such urgent need of improvement, I might have picked a different PPN. (Edit 2020: After reaching my most important health goals within a matter of months I thanked my PPN of ‘True Health’ for helping me get there and then picked a different PPN in its place – namely Autonomy. True Health is happening for me anyway, and I really wanted to embrace my need for Autonomy, and learn to clearly communicate my personal boundaries).

During MKE Week 1, I felt overwhelmed and I had doubts. As I write this, Week 2 has just begun but I feel so much better already! Sure, there is a lot of work and it takes me hours every day. I guess I read and write slowly. But that’s OK – for now I have faith that the MKE can indeed teach me to turn my life around, and I am willing to do the work. It’s the best time-investment I can do!

Here’s a photo of a card I made a few years ago (the text is a rubber stamp). I will keep this quote as a reminder this week: “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”. ‘Cos it is! 🙂

I have lots of faith,
and I promise to use it wisely.

I always keep my promises.
Bibi L.


Fast forward to October 2020:
I am forever grateful for the work that my past self put into her journey with the Master Key Experience. I thank my past self for my current health, my well being, my present life! I’m so proud of what my past self managed to do, and how far she came in a matter of months because she did ALL of the exercises and practised her new habits, every day! My past self was pretty awesome if you ask me, and I should know 😉

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I wish you a wonder-fun day 🙂

Love fom Bibi (MKE Guide)

17 thoughts on “MKE W2 – I Have Faith!”

  1. You’re just a whirlwind of MKE doing, Bibi! You’ve always got something brewing! 🙂

  2. Amazing to see last year’s week 2 compared to this year. I love that quote of “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen” as it exemplifies how important mindset is.

  3. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for!” Great words of wisdom!!! I love that! … and what others said is true for me too- I didn’t know you in the beginning last year either. Great to read! Love how you described your change of PPNs! “True Health is happening for me anyway, and I really wanted to embrace my need for Autonomy, and learn to clearly communicate my personal boundaries.” Woo Hoo! I celebrate all you’ve done to get where you are, and where you are in your journey right now. It’s beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Laura! I think that one is my life motto – or one of the top 3 anyway 🙂 I’m so lucky and grateful to have you by my side on our individual journeys. We have so much to celebrate and we’ll keep on celebrating as we continue to move onwards and upwards! ♥

      1. Celebrate! Yes! And doing something today that your future self will thank you for will create EASE and flow! .. Get ready to BLOSSOM, Girl! Big time! So lucky to have you in my life!!! 🙂

        1. We’re blooming with ease when we are in the flow! 🙂 I wonder what my future self will thank my current self for … probably a lot! 😀 We’re both so lucky, my dear friend ♥

  4. I always love the way you share your heart BIBI, love that I have made a friend in you through the #MasterKeyExperience. You are truly a soul sister to me my darling friend!!

  5. So enjoyed reading your post from last year – I hadn’t met you at this stage Bibi – I am also so grateful for the work your past self put into her journey. I am lucky to be gaining the benefit from it too in our beautiful Mastermind group.

    1. Thank you so much, Breege! I am also grateful for the work that YOUR past self put into her own journey! And you are right, our current selves get to benefit from that mental labour we did back then – and continued to do after the course – in our awesome Mastermind group. SO happy to have met you, my dear friend, and so thankful for the continued masterminding ♥

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